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Common Options For Gunite Swimming Pools

One of the main reasons that Gunite pools are so popular is that you get exactly what you want. With other types of pools, you are limited to what is in the catalog. From simple, to loaded with features you can be assured that your pool will be designed to meet your specific needs.

Here are 10 of the most common options for a Gunite swimming pool.

  1. Custom entry and exit stairs. At first glance stairs hardly seem like a custom option, but considering that the stairs will take up valuable swimming space, careful planning must be taken to avoid some common mistakes. For example, if you plan on doing laps, the stairs should not be placed in the center of an end wall.
  2. Custom Benches. What is cooler than a bench running down the entire length of your pool?BeachEntry.jpg
  3. Beach Entry. A beach entry is gives you a gentle sloped entrance to your pool just like when you are at the beach. Stairs can be combined with a beach entry to accommodate smaller yards.
  4. Tanning Ledge. Tanning ledges are shallow water areas that are great for lounge chairs. The perfect way to enjoy a good book while the kids swim.
  5. Negative Edges. I’ve heard these called many different names, But the concept is the same. An area where water can cascade off the edge of the pool, giving the illusion that the pool is endless.
  6.  Automatic Covers. Keeping your pool save, energy efficient and clean are just a turn of the key away.
  7. Salt Water Systems. Not all pool plaster can withstand the abuse that salt can deliver. At Albert Group our HydroLok construction technology includes the use of special salt compatible pool surfaces.
  8. Spill-Over Spas. Adding a Spill-Over Spa to your pool makes you look forward to those cool nights.
  9. Computerized Automation Systems. Want your spa warm by the time you get home from work? Just a few clicks on your iPhone or Android phone and you are on your way to a relaxing evening.
  10. Swim Up Bar. OK, maybe Swim Up Bars are not that popular, but they are totally cool. Swim Up Bars provide the ultimate way to party.

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