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Bring the indoors outside by adding an Outdoor Kitchen.

Posted by James Snyder on Mon, Dec 06, 2010 @ 00:11 AM

Outdoor kitchen landscape design is an increasingly popular trend in garden planning, not just in the year round warmth of southern Florida, but in cooler climates as well. Modern outdoor design takes the elegant style of your interior living space and continues it into the yard, creating the same functional living space on the outside. Because the kitchen is an integral part of entertaining at home, many people prefer an outdoor kitchen or sometimes referred to in the cooler climates as a ‘Summer Kitchen’ for convenient cooking and dining in the beautiful outdoors.

A growing trend in outdoor living is to bring aspects of your interior outside your home to create the same functional living space in your backyard. This modern approach to landscape design is sweeping the nation as evidenced by so many popular home and garden TV shows. Since the kitchen is focal point of entertaining at home it’s only natural that many people are installing outdoor kitchens for convenient dining outdoors.

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Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Today’s outdoor kitchens are not simply a grill with a picnic table. They are much more elaborate and there are many things to consider to be sure that your outdoor kitchen functions the way you want and looks great.

When designing your outdoor kitchen it is important to really think about what appliances and features you want to have. Not every option will be right for everyone, nor will everyone have the same budget to work with. They can be as simple or as grand as you like.

The most basic designs will include at the very least a grill and counter. There are many types of grills available. The grill that is right for you should be large enough to cook for the number of people you typically entertain. A grill with a large cooking surface or double rack design will allow for larger meals to be made while a smaller grill will be perfect for more intimate gatherings. Side burners are an excellent way to prepare full meals without the hassle of being stuck inside. One thing to keep in mind is how often you want to go inside your home for supplies such as drinks, access to a sink, food and so on.

Below are just some options that are available for your outdoor kitchen.

  • sink with hot and cold running water
  • refrigeration
  • trash bin
  • drink station
  • cabinets for storage
  • electrical outlets
  • beer taps
  • wine coolers
  • pizza ovens
  • warming trays
  • yes- even a dishwasher

The Best Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen will be open to the elements throughout the year, it is important to select materials designed to be outdoors. Materials such as concrete, stone, marble, slate and granite are especially well suited for outdoor use and can provide many years of service. Not just for the next 2 or 3 years but for 20 - 30 years.  

The Final Touches

The final touches to any outdoor kitchen landscape design, regardless of how simple or elaborate, are outdoor accessories that enhance the overall style of your home. Dining furniture, decorative accents like sculptures, throw rugs, or potted plants, and the right outdoor lighting design can help unify your outdoor kitchen with the rest of your outdoor design as well as with the interior of your home. Creating a unified look throughout your property is extremely important for a professionally designed appearance. Our landscape design team specializes in upscale designs, including outdoor kitchen landscape designs, and provides complementary on-site consultations to property owners throughout Orange, Dutchess and Westchester counties in NY.

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