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5 reasons why StoneMakers Concrete is the best choice for your new patio

Posted by James Snyder on Mon, Dec 27, 2010 @ 20:11 PM

1. StoneMakers concrete looks like natural stone but at around half the price.

StoneMakers Concrete, Stamped, Monroe NY

Think it's real stone? - It's StoneMakers concrete!

2. StoneMakers concrete works perfectly as a coping for your pool. – A paver coping on a swimming pool is very costly, with StoneMakers it’s about half of the price.

3. StoneMakers concrete is low maintenance. - Once upon a time pavers were the desired choice for pool decking. Pavers require routine cleaning to ensure weeds do not grow. See. Weed seeds carried by the wind fall into the crevices and if they are not cleaned out they will germinate and grow. With StoneMakers concrete this is a thing of the past. Now I’m not telling you to stop cleaning around your pool. Just not as often.

4. StoneMakers concrete is stronger than typical stamped concrete. – Because the StoneMakers ingredient is a water reducer and water makes concrete weak a StoneMakers concrete patio will be stronger than a typical concrete patio – stamped or not.

5. StoneMakers concrete installs faster than typical concrete. - StoneMakers needs no forms, this cuts down installation time considerably.

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