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Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pools

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 31:08 PM

Ecofriendly Swimming Pool

There are several ways to make your pool environmentally friendly. “We recommend our clients energy efficient pumps, salt-chlorine generators and the use of materials, like fiberglass, which is not only a natural insulator, but also requires less maintenance and chemicals”, explains Monroe pool builder and landscaper Jamie Snyder.

Safe Energy and Money
It does not necessarily have to be more expensive to invest in an environmentally friendly pool. In fact, “going green” and managing your swimming pool in an environmentally healthy and sustainable way will save you a fair amount of money in the long run. By upgrading to a variable speed pump you can save up to $800 per year in electricity. Equipped with an automatic timer the new pumps just use the amount of energy they really need.

Minimize Evaporation
According to the US Department of Energy a Swimming Pool Cover reduces evaporation by 90 to 95 percent and will cut down the heating costs dramatically. An automatic cover is also a great safety feature and can help to minimize the use of chemicals, which dissipate with the wind blowing across the surface.

Use “green” materials
When deciding to go with a fiberglass pool you instantly make an environmentally sound decision. While vinyl liners tend to tear and need to be replaced after a few years, the new fiberglass pools are built to last for a lifetime. The material is strong and allows the pool to flex without cracking (like cement pools), which is ideal for the extreme temperature changes in the north. You won’t need to worry about repairs, resurfacing and costly liner replacement. Plus you won’t add another old liner to the landfill.

Aquaguard Gel-Coat prevents Algae-Growth
With Leisure Pools exclusive Aquaguard Gel-Coat surface for fiberglass swimming pools there are far fewer chemicals needed and algae can’t bond that easily. In Vinyl pools algae often grows in seams and in the texture of the liner or in the cracks of a cement pool. Fiberglass pools don’t need to be scrubbed and can be cleaned easily. They are also pet proof, and as of today the longest lasting swimming pool surface available on the market.

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