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Swimming Pool “Must haves”

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 06:08 AM

swimming_pool_dealer_chester_nyImagine yourself walking out to your backyard after a long day in the office. Sparkling blue water is awaiting you, the waterfall is lit up and you just have to slip out of your robe to step into a warm bubbling hot tub. Here are some more ideas to ensure, that you can truly enjoy your swimming pool project.

Especially up north, a good heat pump is essential to ensure the enjoyment of your swimming pool. Heat pumps do not actually produce heat, but pump the existing heat from it’s surroundings in to the water. The result is an efficiency rate of 100 percent.

Hot Tubs and Spas are always a great addition to your pool. They are great for relaxation and you will find yourself using them year round - not just on colder days.

According to the Freakonomics-authors Levitt and Dubner “an unprotected pool is more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun.” And honestly, how much fun can a swimming pool be, if you constantly have to be on the watch out. The new mesh fences are much less of an eyesore and will keep your little ones safe.

Jamie Snyder of The Albert Landscaping Group also recommends the installation of a safety pool cover. The new covers are very strong and durable. Up to 12 adults are able to stand on one. “Even I was surprised how much weight the new covers can carry,” says Snyder. Pool covers also help to reduce evaporation and to keep the water temperature up.

There are countless ways to add some more fun to your swimming pool. Let’s start with slides, an all time favorite for every child. They are easy to install and are great add-ons to existing swimming pool areas. Water features are also an all time favorite with children, and they also will add to the aesthetics of your swimming pool area. When chosen and installed carefully, LED Lights and Fountains can be a breathtaking addition and will ensure a big “wow”-effect at your next pool-party.

Another way to enhance your swimming pool area is great landscaping. Why not design a seating or BBQ-area, a fire pit or even an outdoor kitchen with your pool project? Contact Jamie Snyder of the Albert Landscaping Group to discuss your ideas and the best options for your backyard oasis.


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