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Fiberglass Swimming Pools for Small Yards

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, May 26, 2012 @ 09:07 PM

Today’s fiberglass swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. To make it a little easier for you to decide which style might fit your needs, we want to introduce you to the best options for small yards.

Leisure Pool USA offers a huge variety of styles, most of which are available in different sizes.  

swimming_Pool_dealer_chester_nyCourtyard Roman Style

With a length of just 19 feet the Roman style pool is ideal for small areas. Despite its small size there is enough space for a safety ledge around the sides, an internal spa, and a jet system that you can swim against. The ledge is especially great for children who like to get a foothold when at the side of the pool.

Take turns relaxing in the spa and exercising against the jet system. Even if you do not want or need all the extras, the Courtyard Roman is still a great choice. It simply is a beautiful pool, which does not take up your whole back yard to add greatly to your outdoor setting.

A smaller size pool has other advantages too. It is easier to heat, which means you can enjoy your pool longer. Your kids will still have a blast splashing and playing in the pool -  and it will definetly add to the aesthetics of your back yard oasis.

swimming_pool_dealer_monroe_nyTuscany Style

Due to its free-style, kidney shaped form, the Leisure Pools Tuscany Style is another great choice for small and more difficult areas. Where the conventional shape might not work, the Tuscany will still fit. It will look great in corners or in the center of the yard -  and also offers various landscaping-options, like rockgardens and waterfalls.

Other features of the Tuscany are the generous size entry steps at the shallow end and optional spa jets. To maximize the space inside the pool the spa jets can be fitted to create a spa nook.

The Tuscany is also equipped with a ledge, which adds to the safety of children who can get a foothold all the way around the pool.

Click on our “Swimming Pools”-section, to find out more about the different options, shapes and sizes.


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