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Swimming Pools: How to Choose the Location

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 51:07 AM

swimming_pool_conractor_chester_nyWhen you are choosing the location for your swimming pool you should mainly consider two things: Practicality and aesthetics. That means, that you should see your pool as both, a place to have fun and a beautiful enhancement of your backyard oasis.

Visibility from Inside
Consider the view of your living and dining room or maybe even the kitchen. Since the sparkling blue water is an eye catcher, you want to see it from those rooms. Guest will enjoy the view as well as you do – and you can have a watchful eye on the kids.

If you have a backdoor, consider this as the exit to the pool area. Maybe you even have a bathroom close to that backdoor.  This way, people don’t have to cross your whole house in their wet bathing suit before being able to take a shower – or to use the bathroom.

Addition to existing Outdoor Features
Existing outdoor features should also be included when choosing the location of the swimming pool. Is there already a patio, an outdoor kitchen or another outdoor space, which can be used to relax after a swim? Your family and guests will surely enjoy to have some lounging chairs nearby or a bar or fridge to have quick access to food and beverages.

Feng Shui
Swimming pools can also make great Feng Shui enhancements to your outside space. According to Fengshui Weekly “swimming pools represent a perfect balance between yin and yang energy, the water being yin and the use of the pool for activity being yang.” A few things to consider when interested in Feng Shui are rounded edges. Kideny shaped pools are perfect.

Since the north area represents water, the best place for a pool from a Feng Shui perspective would be the north side of the plot. Unfortunately this will often be the worst side as it gets the least amount of sun. Still, you do not have to panic. There are many ways to enhance the area to ensure the perfect flow of energy.


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