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Retaining Walls: Made to Fit Your Dreams

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 59:07 AM

retaining_walls_chester_nyAre you dreaming of a water fall spilling down over a cliff rock, a hot tub beneath a romantic cave, a wall which perfectly fits the color of your house? With StoneMakers concrete structures like that are possible. Before he started to work with StoneMakers himself Jamie Snyder of Albertgroup Landscaping could not believe himself, what kind of possibilities the product offered. “Well what can I say, EVERYTHING StoneMakers claims is true!”, he says today.

Snyder mainly uses StoneMakers concrete for customized retaining walls and backyard waterfall projects. And the results are amazing. Due to the special technique of building a monolithic structure at first and than adding the texture, all kind of structures and looks are possible. There are no limitations to form, shape and color.

Stone looks great, yes, but you cannot build a stone wall in a day. With StoneMakers it is possible, plus the wall can be build exclusively to fit the specific needs of your yard. Even a curved wall is possible.

StoneMakers is designed to look and feel like stone. Next to walls it is also possible to recreate the look of huge rocks or boulders. While you might have a very hard time to find, transport and pay for a rock of a certain size, with StoneMakers you can build one in a few hours. There is no major transportation or lifting required, no cranes are necessary. And it will cost considerably less.

The average cost ranges between $95 -$120 per yard, plus Stonemakers additives, stains and sealers. It takes about a day to install 100-120 ft of 4 ft wall. “Another side effect of building a wall using the StoneMakers process is added strength”, says Jamie Snyder. “Typical concrete will be between 3-4000 psi. The StoneMakers concrete recipe will be much stronger sometimes as much as 6-7000 psi.”


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