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Why a Fiberglass Pool is the perfect choice for your Weekend Home

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, Jun 23, 2012 @ 00:10 AM


When adding a swimming pool to your weekend home you should consider a few factors: Is the pool easy to maintain? Does it add to the aesthetics of your home? Is it possible to include features - like spa-jets, a slide, a waterfall - you will enjoy?

Easy to Maintain
First the maintenance: Since you will not be there all the time you want the pool to be low maintenance and you want it to look great - even if you have not been there in a while. Fiberglass pools are very easy to maintain, especially in conjunction with salt chlorine generators.

We work closely together with LeisurePool, one of the biggest fiberglass pool manufacturers. Their Aquaguard gelcoat finish is very resistant to weathering, UV-rays and chemicals. This surface is also much less prone to develop algae growth. Add a pool cover to prevent leaves and rubble from falling in the pool when you are away - and the pool at your weekend home will be ready to jump in - in no time.

Great Aesthetics
Fiberglass pools also come in many different shapes and colors, which will give you lots of design-options. Although the shell of the pool is factory-manufactured no pool will look the same. There are many different surface colors and various free form shapes, which will look great on a property set with view of the Catskills. Design the pool deck according to the features of your house and you will gain and clean, but natural look.

Fun to Use
Another advantage of fiberglass pools is, that it is possible to add a huge variety of features, such as spa-jets, a waterfall, underwater lights, fountains, maybe even an integrated hot tub – let your imagination run wild. Jamie Snyder of Albert Group Landscaping is happy to discuss possible options for the perfect swimming pool at your weekend home.


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