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How to Have the best Swimming Pool Party

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 @ 30:09 PM

upstate_swimming_poolsSummer is here. No better time to throw a fabulous pool party. The best thing is that the biggest part is already done – your swimming pool. Now you just have to decide if you want to invite to an exquisite cocktail party, or just have some friends and family over for an afternoon of splash and fun.

The first thing to consider when throwing a party is: How much work do you want to have yourself? No party can be fun, if you just have to tend to your guest. Get some help, ask the teenage children of your friend to take care of food and drinks. Maybe there is even somebody who would like to organize games for the kids?

Party Helpers
While it is certainly fun to create and send out personal invitations, it is so much easier, to use Evite. The online invitation service still gives you some freedom to create your invite, and also lets you check on the state of the RSVPs. Don’t forget to remind your guests to bring towels, if you do not want to have to do loads of laundry the next day. It even is okay to ask your guest to bring a dish or their favorite drink. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how much work you want to have.

Remember: The more self-serve food you offer, the more time you will have to actually enjoy the party. Sandwiches and finger food are a great choice. To be exquisite offer shrimp and fruit kabobs, or mozzarella, cheese and basil kabobs. Fill celery sticks with cream cheese and put some Goldfish as decoration. Pineapples always look great, so do grape and cheese and a selection of good bread.

A variety of fruit juices is always a good idea. They can be served to the kids, and also used to mix with alcohol. Get orange juice, pineapple and cranberry. Do not forget to offer plenty of water to drink. Simply fill a bucket with ice and add water bottles, this way you will need less glasses. Another way to safe some cups is to personalize them. This way people can find their glass and do not have to take another one for each drink. Use sharpies for plastic cups, little stickers, hangers or umbrellas.

Pool and Safety
Test everything pool related at least a week before the party. This gives you enough time to call Albert Group if you should have any concerns. Do the lights work, the heater, fountains and the filter? Adjust the pH-level and check the chlorine level. At the day of the party vacuum the pool and/or remove the automatic pool cleaner afterwards. Also remove any trip hazards and store any toys and furniture you won’t need. Keep a phone next to the pool and dry. Consider to hire a liveguard from your local swim team. And, of course, enjoy the party!


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