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Should I Buy a Swimming Pool?

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, Jul 14, 2012 @ 30:09 PM

swimming_pool_dealer_lagrangevilleNobody can make this decision for you. A fiberglass swimming pool is an investment, but if you plan to enjoy your home all year round the money is well spent. Compare the investment for a swimming pool with other investments items, and decide yourself if a pool is worth the money for you.

Compare the cost of a fiberglass pool, which is 25.000 $ and up, to a sports car, a luxury boat or a camper. The fiberglass pool does not only cost less, but you and your family will use it many more times – and best of all, you will use it together. Also think of the storage and maintenance cost you will have with any vehicle. Cars, Campers and Boats have to be maintained, you have to pay for winter storage and insurance. And we did not even mention the trips to the dealership or mechanic for unexpected repairs.

Be honest: How often will you use your camper besides the summer vacation, how often will you get out with the boat – and how on earth would you fit a whole family in a sports car? A swimming pool does not only fit your family, but also your friends. You don’t have to drive to get there, wait in traffic, pay for gas or return home early in case of rain. The pool is right out of your back door, ready to enjoy around the clock. And in case it rains, you just can take a break and watch a movie inside.

You like to go on vacation together, but still would like to feel at home? Explore the possibilities a backyard fiberglass pool can offer. Other choices would be the purchase of a cabin or timeshare. Let’s take a closer look. A cabin costs about 50.000 $ more than a pool, a time share is a little less, but the time you can spend there is limited plus you have to pay a yearly maintenance fee which can be as high as a few thousand dollars.

Whether you choose a cabin, a time-share or a family beach vacation, in all three cases you have to pack things, buy expensive airline tickets, wait at the airport or drive a long way – and possibly get stuck in traffic. You will share your place with other tourists and – with the exception of a private cabin – you won’t get much privacy except in your own room.

Does it not sound better to invest in a sparkling blue pool for your own backyard? You will enjoy your privacy, except when you decide to invite friends and family over. Food and drinks are just inside in the kitchen. There is no luggage to carry and the kids are happy and won’t get bored because the car-ride does not seem to end.

Another thing you should know: Your fiberglass pool can be relocated to a new home. And best of all, your backyard oasis with pool qualifies for a home improvement loan.


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