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What is the most durable retaining wall?

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, Aug 11, 2012 @ 00:09 PM

Retaining_Wall_westbrookvilleRetaining walls are supposed to hold back soil or rock from a building, structure or area. Since they have to prevent downslope movement or erosion, they have to be made from strong and durable material. Materials, which are generally used, are masonry, stone, brick, vinyl, concrete, steel or timber.

Since backyard projects are not only supposed to be durable, but also aesthetically attractive, many people choose natural stone for their project. But natural stone is expensive. Single stones might get loose, the wall is prone to deteriorate and begin to collapse within a few years. Concrete walls usually are pretty durable, but don’t look great and will crack over time. That is why Albert Group Landscaping uses StoneMakers hardscape.

Advantages of StoneMakers Hardscape
“Concrete block has long been a reliable method for constructing home beautification projects. Done correctly, a project using this method can be solid and durable. However, StoneMakers has created a proprietary concrete mix that trumps concrete block in several ways, most importantly, in durability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics”, says James Snyder of Albert Group Landscaping.

Due to a special mixing process, StoneMakers increased the strength of it’s concrete from 3000 to 4000 PSI to over 7000 PSI. On top of that

What about Cracks?
Every concrete might crack and there is no guarantee that your project might not develop a crack over time when frost occurs in the area. However, with StoneMakers, a crack will not destroy the project. All structures are reinforced with rebar or wire mash and natural control joints to increase stability and durability. And if a crack occurs, we can recarve and touch up the area the area.

Are StoneMakers Retaining Walls Maintenance-free?
StoneMakers hardscape is one of the most durable products available. It mainly can be left alone, but there are a few things you can do, to keep your retaining wall looking good. You should keep the wall free from accumulating leaves over the winter, which might discolor the surface over time. Salts and chemicals should be washed of the surface. And if the finish begins to wear, you should seal it again.

Is there a Warranty?
Yes, while the warranty associated with a concrete paver system normally runs anywhere from one to three years, a StoneMakers system is guaranteed for three to five years depending on the service package purchased.


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