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Town of Blooming Grove, NY Swimming Pool Codes, Setback Laws

Posted by James Snyder on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 44:05 PM

In NY swimming pool setbacks are handled by each individual municipality and their building department. To make it even more confusing some towns will have different setbacks depending on where you live in that same town. In order to help the situation out we have gone through the trouble of looking this info up and placing it here on our web page to make things a little easier.

Town of Blooming Grove, NY setbacks: (entire town)

  • Property line setback (side and rear) 10’
  • Setback from house 15’


  • Must submit a site plan showing all set backs and location of septic and well, if applicable.
  • Must submit a brochure/manufacturer specs for the pool, pump and filter.
  • Must submit a copy of pool company Workman’s Compensation and Liability insurance (liability must name the Town of Blooming Grove as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured)
  • Must submit electrician name, phone # and copy of Orange County License
  • Pools within any water district must get water from an outside source and must submit receipt.
  • In-ground pools are required to have temporary fencing during construction and permanent fencing within 90 days.
  • Pool alarm must be installed.
  • Must schedule a final inspection by the Building Inspector.  24 hour notice required
  • Must submit final electric inspection by Town authorized electrician.

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