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5 reasons why our customer Lou chose a fiberglass swimming pool

Posted by Jamie Albert Snyder on Tue, Apr 10, 2018 @ 45:04 PM

Have you been dreaming of turning your backyard into a beautiful space to relax with friends and family, complete with a swimming pool and patio? Do you worry there is not enough room for your dream to become reality? Look no further than Albert Group Swimming Pools and Landscaping to transform your backyard into the oasis you've always wanted. Fair warning: you may not be able to keep your family and friends away! That's what happened to Lou anyway. Here he will review and give you his top 5 reasons why a Leisure brand  fiberglass swimming pool and patio built by Albert Group was a win for him.

1. Lou's backyard is on a hill; with Albert Group that was no problem. An attractive retaining wall was built so beautifully it is the envy of the neighborhood and gave him plenty of space for the pool and patio he wanted.

2. Growing family: Having a pool his kiddos can grow into was definitely a must and with his Pinnacle Leisure Pool, he has a 6ft splash pad that his little ones can use as a kiddie pool. Almost like having two pools in one, awesome!

3. His dogs: Lou has 2 dogs and didn't want them tearing a vinyl liner and dealing with the headache of repair, never mind the cost. His fiberglass pool is durable enough to handle the dogs so Lou can let them join in on the fun without a worry.

4. Low maintenance / salt system: Lou didn't want to always be cleaning and taking time away from swimming and relaxing on his patio. The top layer of a fiberglass swimming pool, called the gelcoat, is non-porous leaving your pool less likely to grow algae. That means less time cleaning or dumping large amounts of chemicals in your pool.  Low chemicals = no chlorine smell on the skin. Less cleaning and low chemicals, check! check!

5. Pentair heater: extends his pool season. When the temperature drops and Lou wants to swim all he has to do is turn on his energy efficient Pentair heater.  Combine that with his fiberglass pool, which is a great insulator, it heats up quicker and retains heat longer.  He's saving money AND swimming longer. Nice!

As you can see, Lou has been really enjoying his new backyard. With the expertise of Albert Group, he got everything he wanted including the extra time he gets to spend with family and friends who are also enjoying his backyard dream.

Would you like to see what shape and style of fiberglass swimming pool is right for you?  Click here for more info:

7 Reasons to LOVE a Fiberglass Pool : Albert Group Landscaping and Swimming Pools Review

Posted by Jamie Albert Snyder on Thu, Mar 15, 2018 @ 04:03 PM

Last summer I sat down with Vinny to discuss his pool buying experience. Two years after we installed his fiberglass pool Vinny tells me why Albert Group Landscaping and Swimming Pools along with a Leisure Pools USA Composite Swimming Pool was the right choice for him and his family. Here are just a few of the reasons Albert Group along with Leisure Pools USA was the right choice for him.

  • Leisure Pools USA Warranty 
  • 3D Design
  • Great Communication
  • Fast Installation
  • Respectful in the way we left his property
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Maintain

 Leisure Pools USA Warranty:

Vinny had done his research online and found that a fiberglass pool, specifically a Leisure Pool was the right fit for him. The warranty Leisure Pools offers exceeds Viking Pools. Leisure Pools offer a lifetime structural osmosis warranty and a lifetime structural warranty with 6 layers of cutting edge quality.

3D Design:

After meeting with Vinny, I was able to create and show him a 3D design of the fiberglass pool and patio for him to see exactly what the project would look like when it was completed. Having this drawing gave Vinny the confidence to know his pool was going to look great before we even started.

 Great Communication:

Vinny felt that the communication with Albert Group was great throughout the entire project. He knew that if he had a question his phone call would be answered. If you have had work done on your house before you know how important this is.

Fast Installation:

Vinny was also impressed with how fast such a large project can be accomplished, along with our flexibility when it came time to expand the original design to include a larger paver patio.

Respect in the way we left his property:

I’m sure we have all hear the old adage “leave it better than you found it”, well it doesn’t just apply to picking up trash when you go for a hike in the woods. Here he talks about how we left the disturbed areas of his property clean and ready to grow grass. Most pool builders leave the property with a “Rough Grade” which pretty much means piles of dirt everywhere.

Energy Efficient:

No need to worry about your energy bill increasing, Vinny says it hasn’t changed much at all.  He was so impressed he showed me proof: a copy of his bill with a comparison from the previous year. I’d say that’s an efficient pump.

Easy to Maintain:

So, now I have this pool; how much extra work is it going to be?  Well, Vinny will tell you that there is not much to it at all.  Just an ounce of clear water once a week and a little salt when needed and you’re good to go. The water stays crystal clear and leaves your skin feeling good without the chlorine scent and stinging eyes.

As you can see, Vinny is really enjoying his swimming pool and two years later can still remember what a great experience he had with Albert Group.  I’d be happy to sit down with you two years from now and hear your experience. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call for a free estimate.



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