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New Research to Prove Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 00:09 AM

swimming_pools_LagrangevilleWe from Albertgroup Landscaping wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Is fitness also in the Top Ten List of your New Years Resolutions? Than we have good news for you: In 2013 the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) will award research grants totaling $117,974 to study the health benefits of swimming and aquatic exercise and to encourage more people to get into the water.

Research to Prove Benefits of Aqua Exercise
While we all know about the health benefits of swimming and water exercise, it is always nice to have proof. “Physicians, therapists, and insurance companies rely on published science when considering options to treat patients. As people age, medical costs increase and mobility and quality of life decreases. We believe we have the magic potion. Our funded research will prove it,” explaines Bill Kent, Chairman of the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee, in a press release of the NSPF.

“The percentage of Americans older than 65 will increase from 12.4% to 19.6% by 2030 according to the U.S. Census data; similar trends are occurring around the world”, the release continues. Many of the research studies funded by NSPF focus therefore on seniors and age-related health-problems, such as osteoarthritis, cognitive, neuromuscular and cardiovascular functional decline and stiffness.

Swimming as Therapy for Age-Related Diseases
The Foundation is certain to be able to proof that aquatic exercise is the ideal therapy for many of those diseases. One example is the study of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratoy at the University of Texas at Austin. 40 osteoarthritis patients will be assigned to twelve weeks of swim training. The study is based on the recommendation of the American College of Rheumatology to include aerobic exercise as part of the treatment for osteoarthritis. But arthritic joint paint disables many middle-aged and older adults from land-based exercise and activities. In the water, the joints do not have to carry any weight, which may prove aqua-exercise as the ideal solution.

Another study, proposed by the Department of Kinesiology, at Indiana University, and the Director of Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming will compare seniors, who have been involved in regular aquatic exercise (swimming or workout) with an age-and-education-matched control-group. The study wants to show, that regular exercise is associated with enhanced cognitive ability and improved nerve and heart health in senior people.

Your Fountain to Youth
“We will all get older”, summarizes Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D. and CEO with the National Swimming Pool Foundation the importance of those studies. “Why not explore to what extent water activity will help us maintain our mobility and minds while we are alive. It is no coincidence that people believed in the ‘fountain of youth’ and not a ‘football field of youth'.”


Why You Should Order Your Swimming Pool Now

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:09 AM

swimming_pool_builder_lagrangevilleWhere will you be during your next summer vacation? That might sound like an odd question, with freezing winter-weather outside and the holidays not quite there yet. Still, we would like you to think of some beautiful, sunny days. You take your coffee outside on the terrace to enjoy your Sunday morning. A little later your kids storm out and jump in the pool even before they have breakfast. All of you look forward to a wonderful vacation-day right in your yard.

Family-Fun all Summer long
Why not give your family the gift of summer-long family-fun? Even if the weather outside is less than inviting you can make plans of what your backyard should look like in the summer. There are many little things you can do, to improve your outdoor space. Add a retaining wall to gain more space, design a sitting area, include a fire pit, water features or plan an in ground swimming pool.

Make Your New Years Resolutions Come True
Do you want to get more exercise next year? Do you want to spend more time with your family and children? Do you want to spend more time outside? It sounds like we have the perfect solution to all your resolutions: The installation of an in ground Fiberglass Pool. Imagine how easy it will be, to just step out in the morning and swim a few laps or start the day with some aqua exercises.

A Present that lasts all Summer Long
Let’s be honest, most of us have all and even more than we actually need. Why not scale back on having more things and toys and trinkets and give a present, which still can be enjoyed when the holidays are long past. Imagine the happy faces of your children, when they learn, that they will be have their own swimming pool right outside the back-door next summer. Why not adding a new swimsuit or some water toys to the swimming pool plans?

Free 3D Rendering
Albert Group Landscaping and Swimming Pools offers free 3D rendering of your project. The renderings are very detailed and include even the finishing touches, like plants and different lighting scenarios. You will be able to see exactly how your yard will look like, when we are done with your project. Please contact Albert Group Landscaping if you should have any questions. We help you to share your summer-trees under the Christmas-trees!

Plan your pool project now, than you will have it installed before summer starts!


Can I Work Out in the Swimming Pool?

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, Aug 04, 2012 @ 00:09 PM

fiberglass_pool_for_your_weekend_homeSwimming Pool workouts are a great way to exercise and tone muscles. While it is gentle on your joints, the continuous resistant forces all of your muscles to engage. And you can workout without breaking a sweat. Here are some exercises, which especially target the abdominal muscles.

Water Crunches
It is quite challenging to do crunches in the water, but it is very effective. Float on your back with your legs toward the side of the pool. Put your lower legs (up to your knees) up on the deck. Stretch your torso and lie flat in the water, then pull your belly button in and use your abs to pull your upper body out of the water as far as you can. Can you lie back down, without a big splash? When doing crunches in the water you might gain more control and will also achieve a better range of motion.

Otter Roll
For this exercise you have to float on your back in the middle of the swimming pool. While crossing your legs and your arms over your chest try to quickly roll your body over in the water. Do ten to fifteen repetitions on one side first, then try to roll your body to the other side.

Dolphin Kick
You do not have to be able to swim dolphin style to try this exercise. Just hold on to the wall and let your body float face down in the water. While keeping your feet together, kick your legs up and down in one long motion. Try to keep going for 30 seconds. You will not only work your abs, but also target your glutes and leg muscles.

More Kicks
You also can try the dolphin kick while holding on to a kickboard. If you are getting tired, alternate the dolphin kick with some backstroke kicks. Start holding the kickboard facing the water, than turn over to your back. Focus on tightening your abdominal muscles all the time. If your body sinks more than an inch below the water level, your abs are probably not tight enough.

Knees to Chest
This exercise will probably be pretty easy for you, so keep on doing a few more sets. Pulling the knees up to your chest under water will exercise your lower belly.  Position yourself with your back in the corner of the deep end of your swimming pool. Hold on to the deck and make yourself as long as possible, try to reach the ground with your toes. While contracting your abdominal muscles, bend your knee and bring it up to your chest. Alternate sides.

Leg Lifts
The starting position is the same as for the knees-to-chest exercise. Instead of pulling your knees up, try to lift both legs to a horizontal position. Hold for a few seconds and lower the legs down again. Challenge yourself by doing slower and faster lifts, or by performing circular movements with the legs in the water. You also can start with one leg at a time.

Walking in Water
For this exercise you should be able to stand, but your whole body should be under water (except for your head). Start by walking from one side of the swimming pool to the other. For a bigger challenge start lifting one of your legs to hip-level, alternate. Make sure to tighten your abdominal muscles at all time.


Swimming Pools: Health Benefits for Children with Asthma

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 @ 20:09 PM

swimming_pool_dealer_chester_nyThere are quite a few health benefits to swimming, such as improving general fitness; physical strength and ease of joint problems. Now a study of the Taipei Medical University proved that swimming especially aids children with asthma symptoms.

As described by News Medical the researchers divided children between the age of seven to twelve into two groups. While both groups kept receiving their regular asthma-treatment, one group was treated to a six-week swimming program. The swimming did not only improve “all clinical variables including symptoms, hospitalizations, emergency room visits and school absenteeism”, the children also showed improvement in the severity of the asthma symptoms, “mouth-breathing, snoring, chest-deformity, self-confidence and general feeling of disadvantage”.

New Medical quotes lead author, Wang Jeng-Shing from the Taipei Medical University: "Unlike other sports, swimming is unlikely to provoke asthma attacks. In addition to improving asthma, swimming promotes normal physical and psychological development, such as increasing lung volume, developing good breathing techniques and improving general fitness."

The reason for the positive impact of swimming on asthma patients is the improved lung capacity. Swimmers have to take breath and hold the breath at regular intervals, which trains the lungs into steady breathing patterns. This helps asthma patients.

It is also interesting to see, that many famous swimmers are asthmatic. One example is Mark Spitz, the 5 medal gold winner in swimming at the 1972 Olympics.

We are also always interested to know, how you benefit from your swimming pool.


Swimming Pool: Health Benefits of Water Workouts

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, May 29, 2012 @ 24:09 AM

swimming_pool_landscaper_chester_nyLet’s admit it: Sometimes it is just no fun to exercise. And there are tons of excuses why today is a bad day to pack your sports gear and head for the gym. Yes, you have to do that laundry and weed the flowerbed and vacuum your car. So, why not just get it done and than reward yourself with a jump into the sparkling clear water of your pool. You deserve it!

And this is just one of the reasons why a backyard swimming pool can be the start to a new, healthier lifestyle. Ditch the time you have to spend in the car to drive to the gym. Having a swimming pool right outside the patio-door will make a daily exercise routine as simple as putting on a bathing suit.

The other big plus is, that swimming is good for everyone. Swimming is one of the sports you can continue until a very high age. It is suitable for the superfit sporting ace, as well as for somebody having problems breathing due to asthma or recovering from an injury and not being able to put stress on body and joints.

Benefits for Asthma-Patients
Since swimming does improve the lung volume and encourages good breathing techniques it is very beneficial for the respiratory system. Another plus for swimming is that it takes place in a moist and humid environment, which is gentler on the longs, than most non-water-based sports or a workout routines. Unfortunately the dry air in an indoor gym can often be dry, which is likely to cause asthmatic symptoms

Gentle on the Joint
Since water is much denser than air, our body is almost weightless when immersed in water. Therefore doctors often recommend some kind of water exercise when you are recovering from an injury or when you have to go gentle on your joints. Try also stretching in the water.

Great Way to Spend Some Family Time
Fact is, that your kids will love to splash in the pool with you on a hot summer day or after a long day at school. It will be easy to encourage to any kind of game or swim-race - and all of you will have your exercise in for the day. Plus, you spent some fun quality time together.

Another tip: Don’t get discouraged if you can’t swim for a full half hour at a time at first. Your body has to adjust not the new way of breathing and swimming really does require every muscle in your body to move and stay afloat. That is not an easy task, so take it slow. Try swimming four length of the pool or as many length as are easy for you, rest 30 seconds and than repeat swimming lengthwise five to ten times. Increase the amount of time you swim without resting over time. Invite a friend to swim some laps with you if you need extra encouragement.

Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 45:07 AM

swimming_pool_dealer_chester_nyA half hour swim burns about 200 to 250 calories depending on your weight. That is when you swim at a moderate tempo. Add another 100 to 150 calories if you swim fast. Those numbers were taken from the Healthier People project of the Carter Center of Emory University, Indianapolis and prove, that swimming is indeed a great way to gain fitness and loose weight.

Swimming Burns Calories
While it has to be said, that a half hour of jogging (238 calories) or running (612 calories at 10 mph) would score higher on the calories-burning scale, swimming has one big advantage. It goes easy on your joints and the risk of injuries is very, very low. Water basically neutralizes gravity. You probably have experienced the sensation of weightlessness by yourself. That does not mean, that your muscles do not have to work in the water.

Swimming Builds Leasn Muscles
Water is nearly 800 times denser than air, which means that every stroke, every kick and move is like a mini resistance workout for your entire body. According to woman’s health magazine the combination of “blasting calories while swimming and building lean muscles ignites your metabolism so that you burn even more calories once you've showered and dried off.”

Swimming Makes Younger
It is not a secret: Swimming is something you can do for your entire life, it is good for you and your grandparents and your children, swimming is good for every body. And it even makes you look and feel younger. According to the data presented at the American College Sports Medicine Conference the cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, central nervous system, and cognitive functioning of a swimmer are all comparable to someone much younger.

Swimming Improves Flexibility
While other types of workouts tend to isolate one body part at a time, swimming incorporates your whole body and system. One stroke alone puts your body through a whole range of motions: Your arms have to move in wide arcs and push the water back, your hips are engaged as well as your legs, while scissor-kicking through the water and your head has to turn gently from side to side. While reaching forward with your arms you are also lengthening your body, which gives you a great stretch.

In short: Swimming is not only fun, it is a great way to burn calories and build up lean muscles, while improving flexibility.

To learn more about different kinds of water workouts, read our entry: Cool Workouts for the Swimming Pool

If you want to assess your personal workout go to the Calorie Burn Calculator of HealthStatus


Cool Workouts for the Swimming Pool

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sun, Apr 22, 2012 @ 55:08 AM

Building your own swimming pool can very much help you to start a healthy workout routine. Have you ever asked yourself, why there is hardly a gym, which does not offer Aqua Gym classes? The reason is simple: Water is a natural fitness tool, providing resistance, which strengthens the muscles without putting weight on your joints.

Water offers natural resistance

This makes water the ideal workout environment for just anybody, and especially people with joint injuries, patients who recover from surgery and people who want to get back into shape. Water also helps to burn calories faster. While the activity itself helps you work off some pounds, your body also has to keep its temperature up. Being immersed with water, we loose our body temperature 25 times faster than on land.

It is pretty safe to say, that you use about 8 calories per minute by simply swimming. Of course, the exact amount depends on your body weight and your speed. Here are some ideas of how you can increase the benefits of working out in your backyard pool.

Working out with little kids

Use your child as extra weight. That’s right. Instead of lifting iron, just lift your little one 20 times up and down with your arms. Another fun exercise is the leg-ride. Hold on to the edge of the pool, your back towards the side, than put your child on your legs and let them ride up and down by lifting and lowering your legs. The more you stretch your legs out, the harder it gets. Use one leg to strengthen the leg muscles, use two legs to strengthen your abs.

Use Noodle for extra resistance

With the help of a noodle you can transfer almost any exercise you would do on land into the water. Wrap the noodle around your back and hold on with your arms, than try to jog. This can even be done in deep water. For a great abs-crunch raise your legs to a 90 degree angle and push them back down again. If this is to hard, try to pull your knees up and push them back down.

Now hold the noodle in your hands in front of your body and slowly push it down. Since the noodle is buoyant you can use it as an extra resistance tool. Depending which part of your arms you want to work out, you can push the noodle, down, sideways or backwards.

 Competitive workouts

Challenge your friends and kids to an underwater run. The deeper the water gets, the more challenging this will be. Push noodles or kickboards from one side of the pool to the other, the bigger the surface the bigger the resistance and the greater the workout. This also can be used as a handicap for swimming races. If you still can beat your six-year old while pushing a horizontal board through the water, you should consider to join your local swim-team.

 Let us know how you are doing! We are also looking forward to hear about your ideas for fun workouts in your backyard pool. Ask Monroe pool builder Jamie Snyder about added features, like hot tubs and spas, to relax after your daily exercise.




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