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How to Beautify your Swimming Pool

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sat, Jul 28, 2012 @ 30:09 AM

swimming_pool_for_your_weekend_homeThe water is sparkling blue. Comfortable deck chairs invite you to take a rest. Fragrant flowers bloom close to the swimming pool area and a beautiful waterfall adds to the atmosphere. The sun is setting; your children happily play in the water while your husband fires up the grill in the BBQ-area.

No question: You will get the most out of your swimming pool if you plan and design the whole area according to your dreams. Nobody wants to jump in a grey looking square filled with water or rest on a plain concrete-dessert or a muddy grass spot. Here are some simple ideas you should consider when planning your swimming pool and backyard oasis

Sparkling Blue Water
First of all you should choose a high quality finish for the surface of your pool. The color of the water is determined by the color of the surface – and this is, what makes the water look sparkling blue. All our fiberglass pools are equipped with Leisure Pools exclusive Aquaguard® Gel Coat finishes. These finishes come in different colors, look stunning and also exhibit outstanding performance, when it comes to weathering, chemical and UV resistance.

Clean Surroundings
Beautiful decks do not have to be expensive: With stamped concrete you can replicate materials such as stone or slate. The design choices are plenty and will give your pool a unique look. Ask Jamie Snyder of Albert Group Landscaping about the best options for your swimming pool project.

Invitation to Relax and Enjoy
Patio furniture should complement the style of your home, pool and deck. If you want a Tiki-Bar your might include wood and bamboo furniture, hammocks, and torches. A waterfall calls for a cleaner style. Talking about clean design: It is always a good idea to purchase a storage-box for toys and pillows with your furniture. This way everything will fit together.

Fire and Lighting
If you want to use your swimming pool not only during the day, you should consider building a fireplace. Seating options can be implemented while building the fireplace and can be a beautiful design-element. Otherwise you can add comfy lounge-chairs or even rocking chairs. Add some string lights or paper lanterns for sparkling party-magic. For more weather-resistant and durable lighting options consider LED pool lights.

Perfect Arrangement
Whichever elements you choose to increase the enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool, think of the right location. A barbeque pit should be close to the kitchen, while it is nice to design a relaxing lounge area in a more secret and hidden spot. Jamie Snyder from Albert Group Landscaping can help you to plan and build the perfect backyard oasis for your needs.


What you always wanted to know about Swimming Pools

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 00:09 AM

fiberglass_pool_westbrookvilleHave you ever wondered, how many swimming pools there are in the US? How many are public and how many are private? Do you think there are more above ground pools or more in-ground swimming pools in America’s backyards? And what is the average cost to build a pool?

In a recent info-graphic of Swim University, which was republished by our colleagues of Riverpool and Spas, you can find the answers to the above questions and many more facts about pools and swimming. Here is a little preview.

History of Swimming
The first drawing depicting people swimming dates back to ancient Egypt, 2500 BCE - since than swimming became the 4th most popular sport or activity in the U.S. In the age group of seven to seventeen years of children and teens it is even the most popular recreational activity. What amazed us is, that despite those numbers 65 percent of all Americans do not know how to swim.

10.6 Million Swimming Pools in the US
All in all, American’s spend $1,000,000 per hour on their swimming pools, well no wonder with 10.6 million swimming pools all in all. Just 2.9 percent of all pools are public pools. 50.6 percent of all backyard pools are in ground, 47.1 percent are above ground pools. With 3,000,000 swimming pools California has the most pools. President Gerald Ford built the outdoor swimming pool at the White House in 1975.

Average Cost of a Swimming Pool
We do not know, how he entered his pool, but according to the info graphic, most Americans prefer the canon ball. The most popular swimming pool game is Marco Polo. While swimming you can burn up to 650 calories per hour.

On an average it costs about $ 21,919 to build an in ground pool in your backyard. Ask Jamie Snyder of Albert Group Landscaping for an estimate of your backyard swimming pool project. To download our free Guide to Swimming in Quality and Style please click on the image below.


Are Fiberglass Pools Heat Resistant?

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Sun, Jul 08, 2012 @ 30:09 AM

upstate_fiberglass_poolYes, fiberglass pools are heat resistant. They are suitable for any climate in the United States. In fact, they are 17 times stronger than concrete pools and can withstand temperature extremes of hot and cold.

Another advantage of fiberglass swimming pools in hot weather is, that algae is less likely to grow on the non-porous surface. Chemicals also won’t interfere. There is no adverse effect due to heat or sun-exposure.

Our fiberglass pools come from Leisure Pools USA, one of the biggest manufacturers in the US. The company is originally from Australia and did a lot of research and development for their product. Since the UV intensity in Australia is extremely high they wanted to have a product, which is highly resistant to sun, weather and chemicals.

The result are surprisingly versatile and strong pool shells and an extremely resistant finish. The Aquaguard® Gel Coat finish is specifically designed for swimming pool applications and comes in a variety of colors. It is formulated as a one-coat spray that is easy to apply – and easy to repair, in case surface or pool should get damaged.

Yes, even fiberglass pools can get damaged, “if you smash it with a sledge hammer”, says James Snyder of the Albert Group. “Let’s face it you can crack anything if you really wanted to. Pools made by Leisure Pools USA have a breaking strength of 21,000 psi. So if you use this pool in the manner that it was designed you will be fine. But if you do have an accident it is easily repairable.”

Leisure Pool also offers a 35 year structural warranty and a 15 year surface warranty. This is notable, since the gel coat has actually been laboratory tested out to 20 years with no noticeable deterioration.


Albert Group Landscaping: What is the Difference?

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 53:08 AM

swimming_pool_landscaping_nyFor this entry we want to turn the spotlight on our customers. We want to thank you all for working with us and share all the positive feedback you sent our way. For us at Albert Group Landscaping it is all about you – and we are always happy to hear about your experiences and ideas.

When Mr. Vasco called us, he was not very happy with the look of his front yard. Albert Group Landscaping built a new walk way and a retaining wall in the front yard. “Albert Group Landscaping was referred to us through a friend. Jamie Snyder called back right away, to talk about the project and delivered on time. Every little detail he said was done – and it made the house look 100 percent better. We are very satisfied and happy with the job. The work they did was extremely extraordinary.”

Mr. and Mrs. Trapani had called another contractor before they contacted the Albert Group. “We did not get his estimate until Jamie had completed the work”, they say. The Trapanis contracted us in the middle of January, they had problems with the drainage on their driveway and wanted to make sure to have the project done before spring. “Jamie’s team worked very professional and was done on time. We don’t have problems with the drainage any more and the new wall looks great. He even put lights in them. It is just perfect.”

Mr. Fetter had very specific ideas when he contacted the Albert Group to build his swimming pool, and was positively surprised. “The fiberglass pool is very durable, the salt-filter system is much easier to maintain than the chlorine filter system I was used to. The waterfall looks great and it is so much fun to swim under it. We use our built in lights often and enjoy the integrated spa-jets. It is like getting a massage in the pool. We are very happy. It looks great.”

Mr. and Mrs. Enriquez had recently moved to Washingtonville from New York City. As first time homeowners they did not want to make any mistakes and did a lot of research to find the right contractor. Now they don’t have to look any further. “Jamie Snyder is the one person whose word I can take to the bank, if he says that is how it is going to be, I know it will look good. It was almost surreal how smooth everything was”, says Mrs. Enriquez. “Every phone call was answered, the relationship of the team was completely professional, all you saw was work, it was natural for them and at the end of the day the yard looked cleaner than before. The project, a Versa-Lok retainer wall, was of the highest quality, completed on time and within the estimate. The Albert Group exceeded every possible expectation. We recommend you without any hesitation to our families, friends and neighbors.


Let us know about your experience with Albert Landscaping Group and click here if you are interested in further testimonials.

Swimming Pool Construction: Why a Building Permit is Important

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Wed, May 16, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

swimming_pool_landscaper_nyYes, you do need a building permit before you build a swimming pool. It is a good idea to do a little research about New York States Uniform code requirements and possible other requirements and restrictions of your municipality. Do not worry; we will help you with every step – and will also apply for the permit. Here are some reasons why a building permit is important.

A building permit protects you as a homeowner from various liabilities throughout the project, for example when someone gets hurt. It also ensures that your contractor is licensed and insured. If you have your permit and a professional contractor working on your swimming pool project, the pool builder’s insurance will cover the costs, in case an injury or property damage occurs.

While the pool is being build, most municipal departments will send an inspector to visit your home and check on the construction site. The inspector will examine the project and verify that your pool is being built according to national and local safety standards. He will check for example for underground plumbing, electric and gas line, electrical bonding as well as the final swimming pool and the safety precautions required by law.

Knowing that you work with a reputable, licensed, insured and bonded swimming pool contractor will ensure you, that you will get the best possible installation of your new swimming pool. Do not work with contractors who insist that you do not need a permit or even ask you to apply for a permit yourself. Hire a professional who can assure you to comply with the industry standards as well as the national and local safety standards.

For more information go to: New York State Division of Code Enforcement & Administration

Leisure Pool Award for Albert Group Landscaping

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 56:10 PM

Jamie Snyder, of Albert Group Landscaping, was recently honored as one of Leisure Pools most successful dealers. Not only did he break the sales record of Albert Group but also exceeded the highest standards of his customers and his company. Leisure Pool is one of the top three pool manufacturers of fiberglass swimming pools.

Originally founded in Australia in 1988, it dipped its toe in the U.S. waters in 2002 and already had established its permanent US-headquarters one year later. Snyder teamed up with the company a few years later and started immediately to get heavily involved. He never missed a Leisure Pools Dealer Conference and built a strong network to exchange expertise and ideas with other top builders.

He says that it is not only the product and construction knowledge that he appreciates but more importantly the “energy and sense of family that is the Leisure Pool core”. As a builder Snyder stays on top of the swimming pool industry. Customers are assured not only of receiving expert advice but also that Snyder and his staff will use the most innovative and high quality products on the market.

Snyder has experience with projects of any size and will customize your pool setting with the perfect landscaping for a 100 percent satisfaction. Check out Snyder’s unique 3D rendering system, which will allow you to see your pool area before you even buy it. And don’t forget to visit the “Over 1000 pictures”-section for some inspiration.

We don’t want to boast - but Snyder was also an award winner in Leisure Pools picture contest. Our system of putting our clients in touch with exactly what they are looking for through the use of our custom designed landscape checklist is unmatched by our peers. Our 3D rendering system is unique in the industry and will allow you to see your project conceptually before you buy. Check out some sample designs here.



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