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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder, Westchester County, Somers, NY

Posted by Jamie Albert Snyder on Sun, Feb 21, 2016 @ 14:12 PM


We build fiberglass swimming pools and renovate backyards throughout Westchester County, NY. Considered Northern Westchester County, Somers, NY is one town that I particularly like working in. It has a good vibe and everyone there always seems so friendly. The town has 6 hamlets within it’s boarders, Shenrock, Granite Springs, Purdy’s, Baldwin Place, and Amawalk .

 If you’ve been to Somers, you’ve seen the sign reading “ Cradle of the American Circus”. I was intrigued by this and did a little research, It just so happens that Somers is where Hacaliah Baily imported an Indian elephant named “Old Bet” and began showing the elephant, Forming the Baily Circus, basically starting the American Circus. 

Somers is DSC_0968_Medium.jpgmuch more sophisticated these days and from what I have seen, the families here really enjoy the outdoors. When I go meet with a potential client some common requests revolve around outdoor entertainment. While the swimming pool tends to be the focal point, about half of the time the family wants more. What are some items that you would like to see in your backyard? Chances are if you can dream it we can provide it. If you are looking for an entire backyard makeover to create memories with your family in we’ve got you covered.  Common requests are outdoor kitchens, conversation areas with built in stone fire pits / fireplaces, and of course patios and retaining walls when needed.

Having started this company as landscape design and installation company, we take pride in our ability to provide families a total solution for their backyard needs. A solution that makes sense.

Patios, Walkways, Waterfalls and Walls Installed in Days Not Weeks

Posted by James Snyder on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 @ 26:10 AM


If you’ve owned a home for a long time, then you’ve probably had quite a bit of work done on it, both inside and out. You know all too well that certain home improvement projects can take an interminable amount of time to complete, causing an extended disruption to your normal home routine. No matter how professional and efficient the crew conducting the work may have been, you probably wish they could have been done and out of your hair a lot sooner than they were so you could get back to normal.

But those of you contemplating an outdoor home beautification project, such as a patio, walkway, waterfall or the like, are in luck.

These projects require concrete, obviously. And traditional concrete projects take a lot of time to construct. But a company called StoneMakers has changed the home beautification game forever with a proprietary mix that drastically reduces the time it takes to build a project that will not only be aesthetically pleasing and durable, but will significantly improve the value of your home.

We recently built a retaining wall for a customer using the StoneMakers mix, and the results were incredible. We had heard all about this incredible product, but we remained skeptical until we actually saw it being used before our eyes in a product demonstration. But even then, we didn’t know just how revolutionary the StoneMakers concrete mix could be until we put it to use ourselves.

The retaining wall was 75 feet wide by 4 feet tall; not a huge job, per se, but a substantial one. Previously, that kind of project would take one of our crews about three days to complete. Astoundingly, though, when we built this particular wall using the StoneMakers mix, it took less than six hours to finish the job. That’s simply incredible, and calculates to some extreme savings for the customer when you consider most jobs are charged by the hour.

The main reason StoneMakers’ proprietary mix is superior to traditional concrete is that the mix allows an artisan to build, say, a wall, without having to use forms such as railroad ties to support the concrete. Not having to do so not only greatly speeds the construction process, it also results in a longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing project that doesn’t require nearly the amount of maintenance that a project made of typical concrete needs.

It should be pretty obvious to you that we are true believers in the StoneMakers’ mix. To find out how we can put it to work for you, call Albert Group Landscaping at (845) 283-8787.


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