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Why a vinyl liner pool costs less than fiberglass – you get less.

Posted by James Snyder on Thu, Feb 17, 2011 @ 59:01 PM

If you are reading this, chances are that you are thinking about investing in a swimming pool. First congratulations, there is no better way of adding excitement and quality family time to your backyard.  But, now it’s time to make some choices.

When deciding  on purchasing  a swimming pool in NY you have 3 basic choices vinyl, gunite(concrete) or fiberglass. New York has long been known as “vinyl country” and for good reason. There are tons of vinyl liner pools in NY. Their design dates back to 1948 when Cascade Industries introduced the Vinyl Liner swimming pool in NJ. Back then - before there was the internet or a compelling fiberglass pool choice there were vinyl liner pools and gunite pools. Now the game has changed with the introduction of the fiberglass swimming pool.

Fiberglass pool builder orange county ny

When fiberglass pools first arrived on the scene they were – well  - not ready for prime-time. The original fiberglass pools had some inherent problems. First was the look of them, they were no more attractive than a bath tub. Second they didn’t react well with pool water - they would blister, fade and yellow - that’s a big problem if you ask me. Today with the aquaguard finish from Leisure Pools USA those problems have been sorted out and fiberglass pools really have only one drawback. They are only available in the sizes and shapes that they offer – no custom jobs. Fortunately they know this and strive to design remarkable pools.  Click here to see the shapes available from Leisure Pools USA.

A few years ago I made a decision to become a “fiberglass pool guy”. With all of the bad press out there about fiberglass I was intrigued. As a Landscape and swimming pool contractor in Orange County NY I had been working with both vinyl and concrete and knew their problems. As I researched fiberglass more I came to realize what was going on. Vinyl and Gunite guys were scared of fiberglass. That is because fiberglass is the fastest growing segment in the pool industry. Fiberglass was already the most popular type of pool being installed in Australia and now it won’t be long until your circa 1948 vinyl liner pool technology is extinct here as well. (NEWSFLASH - Vinyl Liner pools are already is extinct in the southern and western states only the north east remains - for now.)

The problem as I see it with a vinyl swimming pool is that you are not getting much for your money. The fact is that most of what you are paying for in a vinyl pool is labor. And when the labor leaves you are left with a vinyl liner inside some type of wall. They will talk about different wall types and so on, but the fact is I have never seen a properly installed pool wall fail – unless it’s wood. It’s the liner that fails. And when this happens the base of the pool – usually sand or vermiculite – more often than not needs repair as well. A typical liner replacement will set you back 4-7k depending on size. This does not include water or anything else that “pops up”. With a fiberglass pool there are no such associated costs or headaches. Downtime and waiting for a replacement liner to get installed is a thing of the past.

The truth is, in the long run a vinyl liner pool will cost you a lot more to own. Because a vinyl liner doesn’t insulate the water from the ground it costs about 8 times as much to heat. Read fiberglass is an insulator here. Add in the cost of liner replacements and you can start to see the picture.

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Why spending more on a high efficiency pool pump will save you money.

Posted by James Snyder on Wed, Feb 16, 2011 @ 41:10 AM

High efficiency pool pump swimming pool design Orange county NY

When comparing pool pumps there is a lot more to think about than just HP. New high efficiency pumps such as the IntelliFlo VS+SVRS by Pentair are designed to save you money. Although they cost more to buy than a standard pump they will save you money right away. So much so, that if you have a traditional 1-2 HP pump and it’s brand new – throw it away. Don’t get offended, it’s just that today’s high efficiency pumps are just that good. Another benefit to the IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump is that it has a built in timer and SVRS (safety Vacuum release system). The SVRS feature helps keep you in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act also known as the VGB laws. If you are building a new pool it is mandatory you follow VGB guidelines, if you have an older pool check your local laws to see if you need to rennovate your pool to comply. All commercial pools must comply. The built in timer is more advanced then your typical pool pump timer allowing you to set up more advanced and energy saving cycles. Check out the video below to learn more about the Intelliflo Variable Speed pumps and how they save you money. Or go here to calculate how much you will save on your pool.

To have Albert Group Landscaping & Swimming pools come to your home and discuss your pool project click here.

What makes Leisure Pools USA different from the competition?

Posted by James Snyder on Thu, Apr 01, 2010 @ 40:06 PM

              If you have been doing any research lately into fiberglass pools the question of which manufacturer is best often comes up.

                A few years back after installing patios around other pool builders’ pools I realized that there was a need for a pool builder that understood landscape design. Most pools that I worked around were not set level or at the correct height for the surroundings. I knew it could be done better so I set off looking for a manufacturer to buy pools from. I immediately recognized the benefits in fiberglass pools vs. the competing technologies.  After a few days searching the internet I found a few brands that I wanted to research more.

                The first brand I came across was Viking. I contacted them and moved on to the next which was Leisure Pools USA. I left my contact info and moved right along in similar fashion to Blue Hawaiian, San Juan etc.

                The first phone call back I received was from Leisure Pools USA, he was a funny sounding guy and he called me mate. His name was Paul Pusztay, little did I realize that he was one of the owners of the company. He explained the company and product. It all sounded too good to be true. He told me that they would send me a dealer kit with all sorts of samples, literature, etc… And to expect a follow up call. I was like yeah right – everyone says that.

                 The next phone call was very different, a guy representing Viking called. He sounded nice enough and informed me that the Viking line was not available for my area but that I could get Liberty Composite Pools. I asked him what that meant for me and he explained that the same company makes the pools but my styles available will be limited. He did infer that if I had a customer that wanted a Viking that it “may” be possible to get it to me under the LCP name. I had told him that I had already been in contact with Leisure and that I was considering selling both brands. He told me that wasn’t a good idea and to just sell his. That way it wouldn’t create any bad blood between us. He also told me to wait for a mail pack and follow up call.

                  The next day I open my door to see a Fed Ex package from guess who – Leisure Pools. There was more stuff in that kit then I expected. I was blown away. Later that day I got a call from Chris Bradford explaining that if I chose Leisure he would be my dealer rep and that him and his wife run the Indiana distribution yard. I asked him about the possibility of carrying both lines and he said that I could but after I saw the two in person I wouldn’t want the other line anymore. We talked till I was tired of talking. He explained every aspect of the company. When I hung up the phone I was not aware yet that Chris would be so much a part of my business. He is beyond helpful and I consider him a mentor. His wife Desra works with him as well, she is amazing. After talking to Chris and sleeping on it I was not interested in any other brand.

                  Lucky for me and my customers I made the right choice and never went down the other road. Besides San Juan called like a week later and Blue Hawaiian never called.

                Fast Forward 1 year to the Leisure Pools USA first Annual dealer conference.

This is where I got to see firsthand what makes Leisure Pools so great.

From my point of view as a pool builder 2 things make leisure pools USA awesome.

First is their Philosophy of running their business. Right from the owner calling me directly to their construction methods, everything is always first class. Leisure Pools USA is the only fiberglass pool company to my knowledge that:

·         Laser lines all of their molds. This makes it a breeze to set and level the pool in the ground.

·         They also are the only manufacturer to use steel framed molds. Every other manufacturer uses wood molds. These flex with changes in humidity and warp over time creating pools that are tricky at best to make level. Some brands even require bottle jacks to make level.

·          Leisure has the rights to Aquaguard gelcoat by FGI. Check out Marcus Sheridan’s video about it here.

·         Leisure Pools USA operates a category 5 EPA rated facility, the most advanced facility of it’s kind in the pool building industry. This shows their commitment to their trade and the environment all in one. Did you know that some manufacturers spray fiberglass resins outdoors and pollute the environment?

·         Dares to put 200+ dealers of their product in the same room. Can you imagine the complaining that would go on if they built an inferior product?

Second and just as important is - the people. I feel that I am truly buying from a company that cares about me as a dealer. They don’t pile dealers on top of one another or try to make a second line to compete with the first as does Viking.  I always have access to a network of dealers that I can talk shop with. For instance I talk about marketing with Marcus Sheridan of frequently. If I want to know something about fiberglass I can call up Howard Guidry. He knows everything there is to know about it. If I have an internet question I can call Alex Gilmore. Click here to see how He dominates the internet. If I want to know what new things Leisure Pools USA is doing to stay ahead of the market I can call Paul Pusztay. Not many companies of this size have owners that are this available to talk to. If I need technical drawings to appease a town building department I can get ahold of Jerry Kisgen. Jerry has been a great help to me in those situations. And of course Chris & Desra Bradford, They make interacting with leisure Pools USA a pleasure. I can honestly say that Leisure Pools USA surrounds themselves with some of the most stand up people I have met. 

Jamie Snyder, Chris Bradford, pool builders 

         Myself and Chris Bradford at the 2nd annual 2010 Leisure Pools USA dealer confrence

                 In closing, I chose Leisure Pools USA because of who they are, how they build pools and how they interacted with me from the beginning. I keep Leisure pools because they just keep getting better!

Jamie Albert Snyder

Albert Group Landscaping, Inc.



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