Build the Perfect Walkway

Walkways can mean more to your home than just a convenient way to walk around your yard and keep your feet clean.  The right walkway is going to help define the look and feel of your yard while increasing curb appeal.


In order to make sure you have the best walkway for your home and situation, we include factors such as your budget, desired traffic flow, the amount of foot traffic, and safety when putting together your project plan. Our goal is to do more than just lay some stones or pour concrete to look nice.  We want you to have a well constructed walkway that compliments the look of your house.  Our mission is to make you happy and add value to your home.


We primarily use two types of material when designing your walkway, pavers and concrete. Pavers are individual stones that we lay down and fit together and concrete is poured into a form.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses for certain projects which I outline in more detail in this blog post.


If you don't want to read the entire post, here are a few of the differences that matter.  The interlocking of pavers lets them stand up to pressure much better than concrete.  They require little maintenence to keep looking good and will not have weeds sprout between them if they are laid right. Concrete, on the other hand, is great for providing footing which makes it great to have around pools to prevent slipping and injury.  Concrete is designed to crack without losing its functionality, this means that if it can't be easily covered up you will have to worry about how cracks will look and if you will want to fix them.


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