Why Fiberglass Pools are Quickly Becoming the Market Leader

fiberglass pool popularIn 2007 Albert Group decided to try something, we embraced a “new” technology in swimming pools – Fiberglass. At the time we did not realize the true potential of this product, we were simply looking for the next best thing. And boy did my friends in the industry give me a hard time for it.

Looking back I wish I could say something clever like, “I watched the market and how it evolved in Australia and just knew it was going to do the same thing here”. But the truth is I just liked the product and I liked the Leisure Pool Company. So here I am getting ready to enjoy my 6th year as a Leisure Pools dealer and all I can say is I was lucky!

So why is it I was so lucky in such a horrible economy? I believe if you give the customer what they want good things will come. As a matter of fact I think of my customers wants as requirements. And just what are the 4 features our customers require in a new swimming pool?

Low Maintenance: If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a thousand times “swimming pools are too much work”. When I was a kid they were. Concrete and Vinyl liner pools are a pain in the butt to keep clean. But with fiberglass, keeping a pool clean has never been easier. As a matter of fact most of our customers spend in their own words “very little” time cleaning their pool.

Longevity: This is where the rubber meets the road. Can your new pool that you just spent thousands of dollars on stand the test of time? Some people live in the now and don’t worry about this, but I’m here to tell you folks that replacing a vinyl liner every 7-10 years or even worse resurfacing a concrete pool every 10-12 years comes quick. A quality composite pool is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Aesthetics: When fiberglass pools first came out - about 60 years ago - their biggest drawback was that they looked cheap. And having seen some of these older pools first hand I have to say I agree. They functioned properly even being 40 plus years old, but they lacked style. Today pools manufactured by Leisure Pools look stunning and can rival any concrete pool in terms of its ability to greatly enhance your backyard.

Green: Fiberglass was originally used as an insulator and today is still used for that purpose in most homes. On top of that a fiberglass pool is smoother inside than a concrete or vinyl pool. These two key features make your pool more “green” than any other type of pool. Since the pool is so well insulated it uses a fraction of the fuel required to heat the pool and with it’s smooth non porous surface it uses less chemicals and less electricity to pump the water. On top of all that Leisure pools manufactures their pools in a state of the art facility that minimizes pollutants expelled into the atmosphere. In fact this year Leisure Pools announced their new ECO PLUS gel coat that emits 50% less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound).