Retaining Walls

  • Our proven technique for building retaining walls has been carefully developed over years of experience with concrete. The finished StoneMakers product is durable, affordable, and customizable to any yard. Almost every project can be completed in under a day and at a fraction of the cost as normal block construction.


  • Our StoneMakers walkways are customized to fit any exterior landscape. With typical concrete pads ranging from 4-5 inches thick we can design a walkway that will reflect how nature would have created, looked, felt and lasted.


  • Stonemakers patios are made of 4-5” thick solid concrete and are reinforced with rebar or wire mesh.  Unlike traditional pavers, StoneMakers patios install fast and can be hand crafted and customized to fit any patio area.


  • Unlike traditional waterfall installation applications like natural stone or boulders, StoneMakers water features from Albert Group Landscape and Swimming Pools have all the beauty of stone without the lengthy installation time and cost. 

Serving the Greater New York Area

Orange County
Dutchess County
Westchester County


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