About Us

Before starting the Albert Group in 2005, Jamie Snyder had been working in the pool industry for 10 years.  He was employed by a boss who had lost their passion for the business and that did not sit well with Jamie.  "When I was 14 and had my first job," recalls Jamie "one thing I hated doing was mopping floors. One day I went home and told my Mom how I didn't like it and she taught me something that sticks with me to this day. She said it didn't matter if I liked it or not and that when I agreed to take that job I in essence agreed to do the best job I could - no matter what. That's what made Jamie leave where he was working and start his own company. He says "looking back I should have done it sooner. The owner of the company no longer cared about quality. The pride was gone. So I decided it was time to move forward."


Now Jamie has a successful business he can take pride in for every job they do.  This drive and attitude is what has allowed Albert Group to remain succesful over the years it has been operating.  He is in business to put in pools that will make families happy by improving their homes and lifestyles.


Why Us?

Jamie wants to be the smartest pool guy you have ever worked with and wants to be able to pass that knowledge on to you.  In order to accomplish this he has written extensively on his blog and created Pool School and Landscaping School so that you can have any questions answered right when they come up.  He is also an engineer and will render you entire project in 3D so that you can know exactly how your new pool is going to look without having to tear up your backyard.

Our Mission

We believe that our dedication to our customers is what has allowed the Albert Group to achieve the success it has.  In a time when many companies are forced to downsize, we have been able to expand.  We aren’t here to just give you a new pool or landscape, we are here to design the perfect backyard to accent the look of your home and lifestyle.

We do business based on three principles we take into every interaction with our customers:

  • Stay innovative and creative

  • Make sure the customer knows exactly what they are getting

  • Always be upfront about pricing

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