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With over 20 years of experience, ten of those working with fiberglass, the Albert Group has seen it all.  That experience has taught us that many of our customers have not had a lot of experience with the nuts and bolts of inground pools and landscaping.  This means that it is our responsibility to close the gaps in their knowledge.  We know that a job is going to be more satisfying and more smoothly if the customer has been given access to any and all information that they may need.  This way we can make sure that both sides leave our arrangement feeling that they got everything that they want and our customers will be able to enjoy their new pool.

This company was founded on the notion that the customer will always come first.  We will support you throughout every stage of the pool buying process and make sure to exactly meet your needs.  You do not have to worry about us trying to sell you on things you don't need or to fight you if you want to handle a part of the job yourself.  We promise to work hard to keep ourselves on the forefront of creativity and knowledge in our field and to make sure that is passed on to you.

Expertise In All Things Outdoors

We Know Pools

Our business is to provide you with quality fiberglass inground pools and we have been doing it for 10 years.  We also partnered with Leisure Pool who makes some of the most advanced fiberglass pools in the industry.

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The best way to do business is when both sides of the deal have all the information.  Go to pool school so you can know exactly what you are getting when you plan out your new pool.

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Ultimate Pool Buyer's Guide

how much is a fiberglass pool

We put together this guide will help you work through everything you need to know when thinking about buying a pool.

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We Know Landscaping

No matter what you are thinking your backyard can be, we can help you.  We haven't only been putting in pools and have had a lot of work totally changing the way our customers see their backyards

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We have compiled a lot of information to help you get started on planning your next landscaping project.  Go to landscaping school to see the possibilities for your back yard.

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Hardscaping 101

landscaping ideas around a pool

Landscaping your backyard can be a hassle. This guide will help to answer your questions and make your next project an easy decision.

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