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5 reasons fiberglass pools are are great in northeast climates

Posted by James Snyder on Sun, May 09, 2010 @ 09:02 PM

1.       Fiberglass is tough and resistant to temperature extremes.  Did you know that the Boeing 777 airplane uses fiberglass in key structural areas areas of the nose, wings and nacelles. And that it is much colder at an altitude 30,000 feet then it is in the dead of winter in your back yard.


2.       Fiberglass is strong and long lasting. Pools made by Leisure Pools USA have a tensile strength of  21,000 Pounds per square inch (psi).  They are leaders in the industry. And just as the boat industry took a while to convince it's consumers, once it did there was no turning back. With the increase of pools made by Leisure Pools USA every year it is obvious that the market has embraced fiberglass swimming pools and there is no turning back. Fiberglass swimming pools Orange County NY

       Fiberglass boat being run over by bull dozer

        "They should have called it fibersteel instead of fiberglass," complained the boat salesman. It was a number of years ago, and he was trying to sell fiberglass rigs to fishermen loyal to aluminum. Today, few people question the strength of fiberglass. In fact, the shoe is on the other foot. With the boat market in a slump, some salesmen now complain "I wish the damn things would wear out." - Popular Mechanics, April 1991


3.       Fiberglass is an insulator – this means a longer swimming season. As a matter of fact Owens-Corning invented fiberglass in 1938 to be used as insulation. This property is great news to fiberglass pool owners in the northeast because it allows you to use much less energy to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.  For instance I met with a family 2 years ago that had previously owned a vinyl liner pool that had a 450,000 BTU natural gas heater.  When I told them that their new fiberglass pool only needed a 150,000 BTU heater they thought I was nuts. And even worse that I did not know what I was talking about. In order for them to feel comfortable I promised that I would take the heater back if they were not happy with it. Well here we are 2 years later and every year they ask me to open their pool 1 month earlier and close it one month later than they had ever done before. They even mentioned that their new pool is so efficient that it really doesn’t cost them anything extra to do so. They are not my only clients to extend their pool season, over 50% add at least 1 month to their swimming season.


swimming pool monroe ny



4.       Fiberglass installs faster than Vinyl or concrete. We just touched on how nice it is to be able to have a longer swimming season, well wouldn’t it be nice if installing the pool was fast as well. With fiberglass it is. Our pools are pre made in a controlled environment so that installing it is a breeze. When you decide to own a fiberglass pool we will have the hole for the pool dug and ready to receive your pool when it arrives. Your new pool will will be delivered in one piece ready to be placed in the ground. Within 2 days you will be swimming. Being in the northeast a short season should not be ruined by sometimes months of construction.


fiberglass pool shell monroe ny


5.       You get what you pay for – or better yet – you keep what you pay for with fiberglass. With a vinyl or concrete pool you are paying for labor more than anything else. Well, at the end of your project the labor drives home and you are left with the cheap materials used to make your pool. With a top quality fiberglass pool by Leisure Pools USA it is not this way. You are paying for top grade Vipel F764 isopolyester resin, Aquaguard gel coats and the finest fiberglass available. When we leave, you still have everything you paid for. It’s a no brainer, paying for better materials vs. paying for your installer’s time.

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