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A dozen spring plants to make your flower garden explode with color!

Posted by James Snyder on Tue, Feb 15, 2011 @ 25:02 PM

As the snow starts to melt for however brief of a time I am reminded that spring is right around the corner. And for me that means 2 things spring cleaning and spring planting.

For the sake of this conversation I’ll be talking about bulbs, annuals, perennials and flowering trees.  Landscape designers throughout Orange County NY know to stick with tried and true plants to guarantee success. A simple way to know you are buying a plant intended for this area is to buy from a local nursery. To avoid complaints they only stock plants that work here in Orange County  – Zone 5. If you are in Westchester County NY zone 6 will be more appropriate. To find your zone check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s Hardiness Zone Map by clicking here.

  • Bulbs are awesome. Some varieties will give you dramatic color when nothing else will.  And most bulbs make great cuttings to bring into your house. Try these 3 bulbs – Tulips, Crocus- Daffodils -  the next time you plant for spring to enjoy the early color. Don’t get upset if the deer eat them though, that’s just part of it.

Tulips, Orange County NY landscape contractor


Daffodil, landscape gardener monroe nyDaffodil

Crocus, landscape designer orange county nyCrocus peeking through the snow

  • Annuals take over where blubs leave off to continue the wave of color in your gardens. Consider annuals an easy way of updating your garden all year long. Used in accent areas of your garden or in hanging baskets they allow you to easily make a change without breaking your back or the bank for that matter. If they start looking shabby just pull them out and change them.

Begonia, landscape contractor goshen ny


Marigolds, landscape contractor monroe ny


Pansies landscpe contractor orange county nyPansies


  • Perennials will be with you for a longer amount of time, so picking them out should require a little more planning. What size will they eventually get to? Do they have maintenance characteristics that match my lifestyle? Will they be suitable for my soil, water, light and wind conditions? Will they be next to the street? If so will they tolerate the salt from the plows? What about deer. As you can see there is a lot to think about. But right now I’m just thinking about early bloomers. Look up these three and see if they fit your needs.

Phlox landscape gardener in fishkill ny


Shasta Daisy landscape contractor in wappengers falls nyShasta Daisy

Dianthus landscaper in monroe ny



  • Flowering trees are some of the most fickle of the flowering plants. Known to sometimes just not flower at all if the conditions are not perfect makes seeing them flower that much more rewarding. Although they are only in bloom for a short period of time flowering trees are so beautiful that the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC receives more than 700,000 people each year!

National Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC, green meadows landscapingNational Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC

Snow fountain weeping cherry tree landscaping monroe nySnowfountain Weeping Cherry

Crape Myrtle landscaper monroe ny

Crape Myrtle



It’s been fun discussing some of my favorite spring plants. To have Albert Group Landscaping design or renovate your gardens click here.

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