Elegance 27' Fiberglass Pool in New Rochelle, NY

Perfect for the everyday staycation! Why travel far when you can have the tranquil surroundings of an elegant pool area right in your own backyard? Here you see our 27’ Elegance Pool as the sparkling jewel of a fully tiled backyard area, giving the whole space the luxurious feeling of a wonderful vacation spot. Dive into 5’10’’ of sparkling blue and enjoy the sunset launching in the spa nook surrounded by the peaceful sound of purling fountains. Add some extra outdoor living space with the built-in bar and kitchen. The spacious patio area lives enough space for cozy sitting nooks and lounging areas. Perfect for parties and entertainment or your everyday vacation in your own back yard. We at Albert Group Landscaping want you to enjoy every inch of your outdoor space. Choose usability and beauty. Create your memories with us!