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Outdoor Waterfeatures Increase the Home Value

Posted by Josefine Koehn on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 57:07 AM

waterfall_outdoor waterfeature_ny_monroeSiddartha, the main character of Herman Hesse’s classic tale, finds tranquility and peace while sitting next to a trickling stream. Every mother knows, that even the steady sound of a fish tank-filter can calm a restless baby. And most probably everyone has experience how stress and tension gets washed away when resting next to some kind of moving water.

Benefits of pondless waterfalls
Today it is easy to add a beautiful water feature to your own yard. There are many benefits to it. Landscaping-expert Jamie Snyder of Albert Landscaping Group recommends to get started with the installation of a waterfall. “A pondless waterfall does not take up much space, but can easily be expanded”, he explains. “Just make sure to leave enough space around the base.”

While the water feature will be an eye-catching addition to your yard, it will also increase the value of your home. There is a good reason, why waterfront property is usually priced quite a bit higher. Today customized waterfeatures can easily be added anywhere in the yard.

Fast Installation
“Water features like waterfalls or pondless waterfalls used to be extremely expensive, time-consuming projects. But thanks to a revolutionary concrete additive pioneered by StoneMakers, these projects can now be done at a fraction of a cost, and completed much faster than before, with minimal disruption to your home routine”, says Monroe landscaper Jamie Snyder.

While the maintenance just requires a few minutes a week, the benefits of the microclimate are amazing. According to the US Department of Energy water helps to temper heat and is a beneficial feature for every environmental friendly garden. As a natural gathering place, the water feature will also add to your family space; see it as an extra outdoor room, like a deck or patio.

Contact Hudson Valley Landscaping-Expert Snyder to design the best feature for your yard.

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